Have you recived a Gracelet
or do you want to find out more about it?




This little present is meant to tell you that God loves you very much.

The symbols each have a special meaning
and a personal message from God for every women


“He crowns you with GRACE and Mercy….. ” Ps. 103,4

God`s mercy is an undeserved gift to you, that he will give to you,
because his loves for you is never ending


         The Pin              


when you hold on to God then you are safe          


 The Heart

        Gods love for you is never changing ,
endless and everlasting



The Pearl

God changes all your tears into pearls and diamonds

He knows and understands your deepest longings



The Crown         


God wants you to be his princesses,
his Daughter, His Beloved….



The Butterfly  


God made you beautiful like a butterfly,
he wants you to fly and enjoy life.
Maybe you don’t feel so beautiful,

ask God to give you wings and to set you free.



              The Shoe            

 God knows your individual life situations
and wants to lead and help you,
to trust him every single step of your life